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The benefits of Prototype injection Molds are as below: 1)The Prototype injection Molds Can be used to test and solve product problems prior to production molding. 2)Shorten the delivery cycle of test products. 3)Meet the needs of small-batch production. 4)Optimize the structure and performance of the final product.

The role of prototyping in the injection molding process

Depending on the product form, a prototype can be made of a particular material and helps a molder test the functionality, feel, and consistency of a product before mass production. More specifically, a prototype can assist injection molding companies in comprehending the part's form, scale, aesthetic details, and functionality.

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Prototype and production injection molding services engineered to meet strict tolerances and tight deadlines. Focusing on both precision and speed, our in-house mold-making department engineers tooling to the strictest specifications while accommodating mold design changes incredibly fast.

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The plastic prototyping, modeling and “bridge-to-production” tooling technology is rapidly changing. Texas Injection Molding maintains a network of industry-leading providers to deliver a wide range of prototyping services, including Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing, Laser Sintering, Casting, and more. visit

Injection Molding for Startups: Prototyping and Short-Runs

Mold Creation: Based on the machine and resins, a mold tool needs to be built. This is a three-step process: after the prototype is completed, the mold is designed to meet the needs of parts, and then the tooling occurs. Short-Run Production: Short-run production can commence, with the amount of parts production decided by you.

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Our prototype molds feature accurate temperature control of the mold cavity, which is typically a feature only found in production molds. This results in molding parts that more closely replicate production mold quality. Our prototype molds may be used as bridge tooling and may be transferred to a contract manufacturer.

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Plastic Injection Molds Prototype Injection Molding Custom Injection Molding Design & Engineering Assembly & Extras Our Work About Us Why MSI Contact Request Quote (248) 275-1978 Prototype Injection Molding Prototype Injection Molding A custom plastic part may go through several stages as it evolves from an idea to reality.

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We have two injection molding service options —prototyping and on-demand manufacturing—and each offers its own benefits depending on your project needs. If part quantities are lower, an affordable entry point for tooling is important, and rapid development over a short period of time is critical, our prototyping option works great.

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Additionally, once the production stage is complete, we ensure that your parts will be delivered quickly and in excellent condition. To learn more about our prototype injection molding services, or to request a quote, please contact us or call (810) 310-1637.

Injection Molding Prototypes

Prototype molding services create real parts for measuring performance while allowing for optimal cost efficiency. This reduces the potential for reworking and shortens overall production cycles. Common Industries and Applications Successful new product development depends upon optimal speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Prototype Injection Molding Services to Create the Parts You Need

Prototype molded parts can be produced for testing part geometry, functionality and low-volume production. These prototype molds are typically produced out of aluminum; however, they can also be made out of steel. A1 is in a unique position capable of offering prototype injection molding services both domestically and internationally.

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Rapid prototype injection molding tools for extremely short product introduction timelines. Xcentric has refined the process to analyze a customer’s plastic part design for manufacturability, design injection molding tooling, produce specialized injection molding tools employing our proprietary process engine and decades of hard-won tool-making experience, and ultimately produce molded parts ...

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